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Lu Industrial Zone
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About us


  Jinhua Jin Yada Wood  Industry Co.,Ltd. is located in a China doors are known as Zhejiang Yongkang, is a professional wooden products development, production , marketing and trade of the modern enterprise .

  Jin Yada brands . " Every family Jin Yada ," according to the domestic home market decoration personalized features , on the one hand to strengthen and institute global industrial product design R & D cooperation ; hand actively develop their own technical personnel, which accounts for employees in senior technical staff 13% of the total. The company has been committed to new technology , develop new products and improve product quality.

  "Every family . Jinya Da " in the industry pioneered the concept of " the doors of the overall optimization experts" , fully implement humane brand of professional service, a new personalized dedicated service to win the favor of consumers , and exported to North America , The EU , the Far East , Middle East and Southeast Asia, 19 countries and regions.

  "Every family . Jinya Da " has been adhering to the " unity , communication, innovation , pragmatic and professional " corporate philosophy , good products, good service , in the domestic market has won a good reputation and widespread praise.

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